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Selling 32 wigs plus two other items here!…

I wanna clear out some of the stuff I don't use anymore, mostly wigs I haven't used in awhile(or ever). If interested in anything, you can note me here or on Coscom! :D
7k get.
welp I'm kinda hard up for cash right now so I'm selling some stuff on Coscom's marketplace:…

I'm willing to drop the shipping fee if you want to meet up at Fanime buuut you still need to pay me before the con, lol. (I don't really want to have to deal with bringing wigs/costumes that people forgot that they were going to buy or whatever.)

You can note me on dA too if you'd like.




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I'll copy :iconidol-luna: and do Reborn for this.

[+] Most want as your older brother:
Dino cause he's retarded.

[+] Would like as your younger brother:
Tsuna I guess? I'd probably flatline him though.

[+] Want as your older sister:
Bianchi. But she doesn't get to cook for me.

[+] Think would make a good little sister:

[+] Like as a boyfriend/girlfriend:
Or Yamamoto. He's a sweetie.

[+] Likely be best friends with:
Ryohei >_>
er okay fine, Lussuria. We would be such homos together. Or Yamamoto again.

[+] Share your deepest, darkest secrets with:
Yamamoto or Ryohei. Ryohei is kinda thick though so probably Yamamoto.

[+] Choose as leader if you were ever in a group that needed to be led:
Lussuria because LOLHOMOS
srs answer- Hibari might not be that bad of a leader. Except he hates everyone. So. Uh. Maybe just Tsuna then...or Reborn himself.

[+] Have a one-night-stand with:
The Italian Stallion. ER I MEAN

and/or Lussuria


shut up

[+] Kill, if you could get away with it:

[+] KILL, even if you had to suffer the consequences:

[+] Want with you if you were ever stranded with only one other person:
Yamamoto. We'd never be found but that's okay.

[+] Wish was in love with you:

[+] Most likely marry, but then divorce:
At which point I wonder for one, why I married him and two, how the hell I got married to him

[+] Most likely have a successful marriage with:
Honestly as much as I loooove Ryohei he is kind of stupid so most likely Yamamoto.

(i still lu Ryohei *sob*)

[+] If you had a kid, whose personality would you want your child's to be most like:
I-pin, minus the explosions.

[+] Tag!:
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Okay so um I guess

this is a list

New stuff:

Scarlet Valentine (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run) ~90%
Green + Purple Foo Fighters (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean) ~80%
Maeda Keiji (Sengoku Basara) ~30%
Litchi Faye-Ling (Blazblue) ~10%


Ryohei Sasagawa (Hitman Reborn) 100%
Jewelry Bonney (One Piece) 100%
Medusa (Soul Eater) 99%

I don't know if I'll be wearing all of the old ones, just that I'll be bringing them.
Choose one anime and/or manga series and answer the questions.
At the end, tag five people.
Series: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

1. Who is your absolute favorite character?

2. Who is your least favorite character?
...THIS IS HARD? Uh, maybe like, Cars or another villain. I feel bad but I'm not super fond of Mista, either. Heh.

3. What was your reaction when your favorite character first appeared?
Caesar: He's hot! God, but what a jerk!
Bruno: o hai i'm in love- oh shit wait a minute why are you licking Giorno D8

4. Which is better? His/Her dub voice or his/Her Japanese voice?
Lol, what dub? Japanese is fine.

5. What is one complaint you have with the series?
Inconsistent colors? Hard costumes? Bawww. And that all the dudes I like tend to die.

6. What are your five favorite pairings?

I. Rohan and Reimi (uh, well, you know, if she wasn't a ghost...)
II. Yukako and Koichi (not healthy lol)
III. Bruno and Trish (DON'T JUDGE ME)
IV. Lucy Steel and Mountain Tim (FORBIDDEN RABUUU~~)
V. Jolyne and either Annasui OR Weather Report. I'm not picky.

7. What are your five least favorite pairings?
I. Jotaro and Josuke (unless they're bros, bro)
II. Johnny and Gyro (same as above)
III. Giorno and anyone, lulz (idk, I just can't see him with anyone)
IV. Lucy Steel and Stephen Steel (he's just so old ;_; )
V. Mista and Trish (Just....bleh, lol)

8. Which character needs more love?
Yukako! Poor girl! :(

9. Which character has the most annoying voice?

10. What pairing is hinted at a lot?
Lucy and Stephen Steel are canon. BAWWW.

11. Is the series like Naruto? (I.E.: Shitloads of merchandise and media everywhere)
There are art books. And a few figures. But that's it.

12. Do you own any merchandise?
A part 1 Dio figure, and what's been released in English for Part 3.

13. Which character is the most fun to draw?

14. Choose ten characters and answer the following questions. (No looking ahead!)
I. Lucy
II. Jotaro
III. Bruno
IV. Dio
V. Jolyne
VI. Yukako
VII. Mountain Tim
VIII. Polnareff
IX. Josuke
X. Caesar

15. What would happen if #1 and #10 switched roles?

16. What if #2 knocked up #3?
...zipper abortion? idk

17. Would #8 and #9 make a good couple?
...They could have hair styling parties?

18. What if #5 and #1 were a couple?
LESBIANS~~:heart: I dunno, Jolyne is still better than Stephen to me, lol. Plus Jolyne could protect Lucy!

19. Would #8 X #5 X #7 be a good triangle?
Polnareff, Jolyne and Mountain Tim? UHHH. It could make for the most hideous closet ever?

20. Out of all of them, who would #1 be most likely to hang around the most?
Mountain Tim.



21. Who would #3 be most likely to stalk?
Trish but she's not on this SO Polnareff I guess.

22. If everyone on this list was stuck on a deserted island who would die first?
Everyone would gang up on Dio so bye bye Dio. After that, Polnareff cause he's in a wheelchair and the sand would gunk up his wheels.

23. Who would survive?
Jolyne because she is one tough bitch. She'd take control of the island, make Lucy her queen and Yukako the princess. Mountain Tim can come too.

24. Which three would make the best triangle?

:iconphoebusaporro:, and anyone else familiar with Jojo. :D
One Piece cosplay to be more specific.

I wanna do either:…




I'm tall like Boa so I'm leaning more towards her. She's a bit more covered up than Marguerite, too. xD But I already have a wig that would work for Marguerite, so....I dunno. Lol.

Opinions...? :blush:
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Technically I saw it at 3001 BUT WHATEVER DOODS
Yeah that whole upload once a day at least thing totally didn't work out.

At least I updated now? >_>;
Sorry for being an emo poop head.

I got a new scanner so I'll be uploading some stuff that I'm not ashamed of. I'll still post stupid MS paint things but..yeah, trying to update more often with real stuff.
No one needs to see it.

Anyway, nothing to report.
Baww the fuck more me that I'm not popular, I've been on this site for years and still haven't even broken 3k when friends that just joined have gone over that in less than a year.

Even if I updated, my shit doesn't get any attention because it's not colorful or anime enough or not furry enough or not something enough.

Anyway, I'm clearing out this account of art shit, but I'll keep it so my watch list is still intact.


Update tomorrow, for Rare's contest.

My tablet's on the fritz, so no digital inking, but that's okay cause I never really figured out how to color anyway. I don't think I'll use colored pencils either.

Working on a few Shin Megami Tensei pieces.
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so do it.
Okay, 2002. What happened 6 years ago anyway? I can't remember anything anymore. I'm old and senile.

Does anyone know how to calibrate a tablet?

Cause I don't., I have one. And my lines suck so that sucks so if someone could teach me how to calibrate it that would be awesome?
I should probably post them up.

Also 1,010. I winz.